Leasing Opportunities

You can now buy a complete test system with support equipment for under $21,000.  Galiso, Inc. can arrange a third-party  lease program tailored to the term and cash flow needs of your company.

 OVERCOME BUDGET RESTRICTIONS - Obtain the equipment you need when you need it.  Eliminate large down payments!

 100% FINANCING - not 20% or 30% down.  Let your working capital do what it does best:  WORK!

 LEAVES BANK CREDIT LINES UNDISTURBED - The credit benefit that doesn’t affect your credit!

 LOWER TAXES - The entire lease payment may be deducted as an operating expense!  Call our Sales Dept. for a review of  how leasing can benefit your firm and talk with your accountant about recent government tax incentives.  Leasing now is a  wise way to maximize your dollars.

 HEDGE AGAINST INFLATION - Use the equipment at today's cost while meeting your payments with tomorrow's inflated  dollars.

 EASIER WAY TO OBTAIN CREDIT - Up to $75,000 with application only:  approved within 24 hours.

 FIXED PAYMENTS - With leasing, there is no uncertainty over a floating rate.  The monthly payment is fixed and will not  change, regardless of future economic conditions.


Galiso, Inc. maintains a relationship with reputable, leasing agents who know and appreciate our equipment and are eager to serve your needs.  Please contact our Sales Department to make sure you have included hardware, peripherals, software, and freight charges to determine the actual cost to be funded.

To learn more about leasing with WHEATEN FINANCIAL, visit their website at:
http://www.wheatenfinancial.com or by clicking on their Logo below.

You may call Wheaten Financial's Agent, Naomi Phillips directly:

Naomi Phillips
Vice President of Vendor Relations
Wheaten Financial, Inc.
130 McCormick Ave., Suite 103
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
TEL: 949-722-6830 *229
Fax:  949-722-6833
Cell: 714.322.0590

or Email Naomi at: Naomi@wheatenfinancial.com

To fill out Wheaten Financial's Online APPLICATION, please click here.

To download Wheaten Financial's Credit Application, click here.


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