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Pathways to Certification


Welcome to the Galiso Mobile Online Training program.  We desire to work with you to improve the safety, accuracy and efficiency of compressed gas cylinder qualification practices worldwide.

Galiso recognizes the importance of certification reflecting the fact that a cylinder requalification operator has demonstrated hands-on ability and competence with testing equipment.  As such, ideally certification is provided based on work done with an operator at a test system.  This is best done in person or with video conferencing technology, allowing for personal interaction involving questions and answers. 

For this reason, Galiso has chosen to support the following pathways to gaining hazmat training and certification:

  • Galiso has high regard for and highly recommends Darrell Garton with CTC Seminars.  Over the years, Darrell has diligently applied himself to learning and advancing knowledge regarding the safe handling and testing of compressed gas cylinders.  He has developed and promoted better understanding by all parties in the compressed gas industry and has persistently supported a fair application and understanding of D.O.T. regulations.  Darrell has seminars both in the U.S. and abroad.  We recommend that you ask Darrell to work with you at your machine, either in person or by video conference to gain your certification.  Darrell's seminar is an excellent way to get training in an environment that fosters communication with other people in the industry, but for certification we have decided that our recommendation is that you demonstrate to Darrell that you have a handle on both the theory and practical issues that pertain to safe and accurate requalification of high pressure and low pressure gas cylinders.   In theory there is no difference between theory and practice . . . In practice there is.   Darrell is also the best person that we know of to represent your company if you are fined by the D.O.T. for non-compliance.   This is another reason why we have placed our recommendation for working with him at the top of our list regarding pathways to certification.   

  • Galiso would also like to recommend Chris Hinchey, our European contact with Bancroft located in the U.K., for the fine and thorough training which Chris provides.

  • Galiso also highly recommends that you consider having Galiso’s Customer Service Department provide you with the hands-on training that you will require.  Call us Toll Free:+1-800-854-3789 or you may use Local:+1-970-249-0233 to inquire.  You may also e-mail our customer service department at:

  • You may also choose to Self-Certify your Training, and Galiso's Online Training and Mobile Device Training can be helpful in supporting this, but Galiso is not currently providing Certification based on completion of the Online or Mobile Training only.  For the safety of those in your shop, Galiso considers it vital that you choose to Self-Certify your Training only if you have complete confidence in your competence and training - perhaps by maintaining someone's skills in your shop by means of a CTC Seminar, Bancroft training or Galiso's Customer Service Training.  Galiso's Online and Mobile Training Courses and Exams can be used as resources supporting this if you so choose.   Please review U.S. Dept. of Transportation requirement for Hazmat Training as set forth in this D.O.T. publication.  Self-Certification is addressed on the second page of this D.O.T. publication.  And, be sure to review "Your Path to Self-Certification" which can be found under "Hazmat Training" in the menu.

The U.S. D.O.T. does not review or certify training programs for pre-approval purposes.  It is the Hazmat Employer's responsibility to ensure that a Hazmat Employee is properly trained and tested, and may designate an outside source for training and certification.  

Re-testers are required to have training designed to fulfill the initial and the three-year recurrent training requirement of 49 CFR 172.704(a)(1)&(2) General Awareness and Function Specific Training for Cylinder Retest Operators.

In order to comply with regulations and become a professionally-trained and well-equipped test facility:

·         Contact the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.):  To start the D.O.T. registration and certification process, contact the D.O.T. Approvals Branch in Washington D.C., +1-202-366-4512, and request a documentation packet.  This contains the necessary papers and a listing of Third-Party Inspection Agents whom you must contact to arrange an on-site inspection of your facilities after the system is installed.  The agent will evaluate and verify that you are properly equipped, staffed, and trained to be in compliance with D.O.T. requirements.  You may also select a list of 3rd Party Inspectors at the Galiso website under the “Support” page.

Upon completion, the 3rd Party Inspector provides you with a letter of recommendation, and the Approvals Branch with an inspection report.  Your company must then submit the letter and completed application to the Approvals Branch of the D.O.T. to obtain the Retester’s Identification Number (RIN).  Notification that you may begin approved testing usually takes from 10 to 14 days.  

·         Order required documentation:  The following publications are essential to comply with regulatory standards and must be present at all times for reference:  

A copy of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 49, Parts 180.200-215 and related sections can be obtained from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.  Or, you may purchase this CFR Title directly from the Galiso Online Store at this link.

Compressed Gas Association (CGA) required cylinder testing and inspection pamphlets are available for purchase at the Galiso Online Store at this link or from the CGA by contacting them at +1-703-788-2700.  

CGA pamphlet C-1.1 entitled “Personnel Training and Certification Guidelines for Cylinder Requalification by the Volumetric Expansion Method” provides guidelines for training and certifying individuals responsible for the requalification of cylinders by the volumetric expansion method.  This important pamphlet outlines the Training / Certification Process;  the Requirements of a requalification facility; Required Documents and Publications; General Requirements for Program Management, Testing, Visual Inspection, Cylinder Marking and Record Keeping in addition to references and CGA sample test questions. 

  • Enroll for Hazmat Training:  Galiso has outlined four pathways above to gain training and certification.

       Along the way a question regarding compliance may pop up.  Galiso’s customer service department will step you through a procedure, analyze and troubleshoot a problem, and offer solutions to a myriad of situations.  Call us Toll Free:+1-800-854-3789 or you may use Local:+1-970-249-0233 to inquire.  You may also e-mail our customer service department at: or our sales department at: .


You may access the full set of resources from the menu, but here is a SNEAK PREVIEW (scroll down):

Systems Training

For the REC4, REC4 Open and GTC Test Systems: Test System Manuals for all systems, Quick Start and Operation Videos, for the REC4 an Automated Cylinder Processing Video, Throughput Video and a REC4 Operation Exam to help you learn. Access from the menu.

Maintenance Training

Production and Maintenance Training to include: A Head Repair Video, Sno-Trik Valve Repair Video, a Dual-Acting Pump Rebuild Video, Installing the GTC Video, Repair Documentation for the Galiso Dual Acting Pump, Sno-Trik Valve, AZ Pump, a Troubleshooting Quiz and more to help you learn. Access from the menu.

Slide CourseOne

Hazmat Cylinder Re-Qualification Slide COURSE 1: This first group of 158 slides begins with the basics of Cylinder Re-Qualification and continues with D.O.T. regulations and requirements as set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49. This first course prepares you for Slide Course 2 and looks forward to the Exam: "Cylinder Re-Qualification Exam" - as part of your Self-Certification process should you choose. Access from the menu.

Slide CourseTwo

Hazmat Cylinder Re-Qualification Slide COURSE 2: This second group of 163 additional slides continues where Slide Course 1 left off and builds on Cylinder Re-Qualification with D.O.T. regulations and requirements as set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49. This course further prepares you the Exam: "CYLINDER RE-QUALIFICATION EXAM" - as part of your Self-Certification process should you choose. Access from the menu.



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